Dior Homme’s New Sneakers

01.20.09 10 years ago
Would You Break the Bank for These?

I just got an email from our Associate Editor, Austin, telling me to check out these sneakers. The email read something like; “Chris, what do you think about these? Would you rock them?

I looked at them and at first I thought, “Man…these look like something Maximus would wear in Gladiator,” but upon second review I kinda dig them. These Dior Homme joints would be a tough addition to your fit…especially if you were trying to get extra fresh one night. I then looked at the price….$945.00.

When I asked Austin about the price, he replied; “Yeah man, that’s some people’s rent!” Now, I know it is a bit excessive but I have no problem droppin’ a stack in regards to fashion. I ain’t got it like “that,” but you know what I’m saying…right? LOL

Would you drop that kind of cash for these sneakers?

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