Could Dirk Nowitzki’s New Salary Cost The Mavericks A Max-Level Free Agent Next Summer?

07.22.16 2 years ago
Dirk Nowitzki

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The Dallas Mavericks have failed to land a superstar free agent every summer since breaking up the team that won a title in 2011. As a result, the twilight of Dirk Nowitzki’s career has been marked by consistent overachievement in the regular season before the limitations of Dallas’ roster rear their ugly head in the playoffs.

It speaks volumes of Nowitzki’s all-encompassing offensive impact, Rick Carlisle’s schematic genius, and the front office’s keen ability to scrape the barrel of second-tier free agency for impactful additions that Dallas has made the playoffs four out of the past five seasons. But Mark Cuban seems to have finally realized that those hard-fought exits in the first round are a direct product of his team’s all-or-nothing approach every July, and may take a different route to improving as early as next year.

ESPN’s Marc Stein has learned that Nowitzki’s new deal with the Mavericks will pay him $50 million over two seasons, $10 million more than the number that was first reported earlier this month.

The extra $5 million the future Hall of Famer will earn in 2016-17 is of no consequence to Dallas; the team is still below the luxury tax apron at approximately $109 million in committed salary. What really matters here is the season after the coming one, when a 38-year-old Nowitzki will earn $25 million should he decide to lace them up for one final time. The Mavericks will pay him in 2017-18 regardless, as these adjusted terms include just $5 million in guarantees. If Dirk chooses to play a 20th season, though, he’s due the full $25 million, leaving Dallas without enough space below the $103 million salary cap to sign a max-level free agent.

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