Dirk Nowitzki Has Jokingly Lobbied Adam Silver For An Extra 15 Seconds During The 3-Point Contest

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It’s still up in the air if this is going to be his last season or not, but if he does decide to call it a career, the NBA is making sure Dirk Nowitzki gets plenty of recognition during All-Star Weekend. The best international player in league history will be busy on Saturday and Sunday, participating in the three-point contest and playing in the All-Star Game as a special selection by Adam Silver.

Nowitzki has been in contact with Silver in recent days, but it has nothing to do with his inclusion in the game. Instead, Nowitzki has spoke to Silver about the three-point contest, something he revealed in an interview with Marc Stein of the New York Times.

Stein, rightly, pointed out that Nowitzki hasn’t ever exactly been fleet of foot, and asked how his style will translate to the event. This prompted Nowtizki to say he’s jokingly asked Silver if he can get a little more time to finish his five racks.
“I was joking with Adam Silver that I should get an extra 15 seconds to finish all the racks, since I’m the elder statesman, but I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Nowitzki said.

In fairness, the fact that Nowitzki is going to be given the same amount of time as the Curry brothers is a tough break, and we fully endorse Dirk getting as much time as he needs to get through everything. Besides, a special exception has already been made for him to play in the All-Star Game, why not do him a solid on Saturday night?