Zaza Pachulia Made A Major Error By Modifying His Season-Long Dunking Bet With Dirk Nowitzki

12.22.15 2 years ago
dirk nowitzki, zaza pachulia


Zaza Pachulia and Dirk Nowitzki apparently have some sort of bet going about who will have the most dunks by the end of this season. What exactly is at stake here, whether that includes money or some form of public humiliation (or both), remains unclear at this point. But what is clear is that Pachulia currently holds a comfortable 7-3 lead, an advantage he may have just effectively squandered after apparently agreeing to widen the parameters of the bet. Via Tim MacMahon of

Zaza Pachulia foolishly agreed to modify the terms of his gentlemen’s dunking bet with Dirk Nowitzki. Pachulia has an insurmountable 7-3 dunks lead this season, so he accepted Nowitzki’s proposal to credit the sweet-shooting 7-footer one dunk for every 10 3-pointers made. Nowitzki has knocked down 37 3s this season, making the official tally on the bet 7-6 in Pachulia’s favor. “He’ll never catch me,” Pachulia said, but the smart money is now on the big German.

Regardless of the outcome, wouldn’t it be great to see Pachulia try and fail to posterize everyone he crosses paths with or watch Dirk launch contested threes from all over the court? Now that’s the type of gambling I can really get behind.


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