DJ Khaled Interrupted A Celebrity Basketball Game And Was Absolutely Terrible

There’s an episode of “Hot Ones” where DJ Khaled brags about never taking an L in his life despite giving up after eating three chicken wings. Khaled justified it by saying that self-preservation doesn’t mean he gave up, but to most people, he tapped out a little early. On Friday, Khaled decided to show off his skills on the hardwood during Antonio Brown‘s celebrity basketball game. While he did end up hitting a jumper, on the whole, you can very easily argue that Khaled took an L on this one.

Khaled was posted up on the sideline when the ball went out of play and landed in his arms. Since it was a celebrity basketball game and everyone there was having a blast, Khaled (kind of awkwardly) dribbled onto the court and immediately got manned up by Ja Rule. Khaled tried to shake Ja and got a little bit of separation, so he threw up a jumper.

It was horrible. It was so low that it just went on a line drive and didn’t even come close to touching the net. From another angle, it’s even worse.


In fairness, Khaled seemed super uncomfortable, both because he had his jacket on and his pants fell down a little. He took three jumpers and missed them all (although they didn’t look terrible), and eventually knocked down a triple.

Still, that first shot was brutal. Let it be known that if you ever play 1-on-1 with DJ Khaled, you can probably beat him by making him pull up off the bounce while wearing a jacket.