Doc Rivers Got Thrown Out Of The Clippers’ Game Against Brooklyn After Freaking Out On A Ref

Tuesday’s game between the Los Angeles Clippers and Brooklyn Nets was surprisingly entertaining, but the biggest fireworks of the evening came near the end of the contest. With 18.6 seconds remaining in the first of two overtime periods, Clippers forward Brandon Bass was called for a foul that drew the ire of Doc Rivers and, well, the veteran head coach lost his mind from that point forward.

Rivers exploded in protest of the call by referee Lauren Holtkamp and left the coach’s box to raise his frustration, prompting a technical foul that further enraged him. From there, the 55-year-old went crazy while interacting with referee Ken Mauer and, eventually, Rivers had to be held back by some his players and assistant coach Sam Cassell.

It isn’t often that a well-respected head coach to the level of Doc Rivers seems to lose all faculties when arguing a call with a referee, but this was a real blow-up at an inopportune time. The Clippers did respond with a game-tying three-pointer from Jamal Crawford to force a second overtime before falling short by a final score of 127-122, but the result of this game will take a backseat from a national standpoint, with Doc Rivers’ antics at the forefront.