Doc Rivers And Steve Kerr Made A Video Endorsing Joe Biden In The 2020 Presidential Election

Despite the fact that people have been voting for weeks now, Election Day is just one week away. Ahead of the face off between Republican incumbent Donald Trump, Democratic challenger Joe Biden, and a collection of third party candidates, two of the NBA’s most vocal Trump critics came together to create a video endorsing Biden.

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr and recently-hired Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers teamed up with the Lincoln Project — a group of former Republicans who have come together with a stated goal to beat Trump — to make the case for voting for the former vice president. While the Lincoln Project has attracted a number of detractors for the about-face done by a collection of its members, many of whom were GOP power players over the years, Kerr and Rivers opted to align with them to get their message out.

“What do you stand for?” Rivers asks. “Because the answers should be simple.” After this, Kerr proclaims that “a vote for Donald Trump is a vote against the very ideals upon which our democracy was founded.”

Kerr has been one of the league’s most vocal critics of Trump, oftentimes excoriating the president on social media and in press availabilities. Rivers, meanwhile, has picked his spots, but gave an impassioned answer about race in America in which he criticized the president during the NBA’s Orlando Bubble.