The ‘Other’ Cleveland Cavaliers Stop By ‘SNL’ To Thank LeBron James For The 2018 Playoffs

This particular sketch was cut for time on last night’s SNL, but the folks on the show might regret that given LeBron James’ performance against the Raptors. It’s a timely complement to the drubbing that James has inflicted upon Toronto, earning him many comparisons to Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War and inspiring one announcer to rename the city “Lebronto.” He has seemingly put the Cavs on his back and some of his “teammates” wanted to show their appreciation on SNL.

It’s a team effort and each of these players want you to know exactly what they bring to the team — far, far away from anything related to basketball. There’s apparently a female player on the team with a fierce smoking habit and a golden retriever named Pancake.

Via Saturday Night Live

But there are also some real players like Kevin Love popping up. And honest, Love gets it pretty rough compared to everybody else. There is literally a Roomba at point guard and a guy who shoots granny style, but Love delivering LeBron’s laundry still seems a bit sadder.

A few more highlights are Donald Glover showing he’s good at that whole rolling the ball to save time thing, Pete Davidson playing in blue jeans while struggling to learn the rules of basketball, and Kenan Thompson playing the older player that is essentially filling a roster spot alongside two of his seven kids.

Maybe the real Cavs will make a similar video if they put the Raptors away on Monday.

(Via SNL)