Jazz Rookie Donovan Mitchell Looks To Have An Instant Impact As Utah Moves On To A New Era

08.22.17 2 years ago

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A combination of talent, work ethic and maturity is needed in order to make an instant impact as a rookie in the NBA. With players exposed to so much more external distractions like social media, viral videos and public knowledge of their lives, teams have a tough task of finding the perfect mix of talent and maturity at the ages of 18 and 19. Of course, it makes a lot of sense to bring in potential talent as early as you can, to help mold and create the player you need. But, from the player’s side one can only imagine the stresses and challenges you face with being that target throughout your life. Some can thrive in those potentially hostile atmospheres, but having the talent and ability translate with those specific personalities has an even smaller percentage of coming true.

One of these incredibly gifted human-beings (not just players), is 13th overall pick by the Utah Jazz in the 2017 NBA Draft, Donovan Mitchell. Mitchell, a guard out of the University of Louisville, has an incredible aura about him. His personality is honest and open, his game is silky smooth on the offensive side of the floor, while his defense is quite the opposite – tenacious and feisty. He’s that utterly rare combination of work-ethic, talent and intelligence packed into a somewhat small yet unique body and build.

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