Watch This Blue-Chip 2017 Football Recruit Dunk Over Three People

Unless you’re a recruiting fanatic, chances are you don’t know who Donovan Peoples-Jones is. That’s okay, we’re here to help. In short, Peoples-Jones is a 5-star wideout for the class of 2017 (per 247Sports composite rankings) from Cass Technical in Detroit. He has numerous scholarship offers, including ones from Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State. He’s one of the top prospects for the ’17 class and he’s considered the No. 1 wide receiver in the country coming out of high school.

He’s also, apparently, good at dunking a basketball. Over human beings. Plural. Three, to be exact. Here’s another angle in case you’re still incredulous:

Those are some serious ups for a prospect who’s listed at “only” 6-foot-2. (Of course, that means he might be more like 6-foor-1, but, whatever. Details.) Anyway, whoever lands Peoples-Jones is going to have a lot of dreams about him winning jump balls in the end zone for touchdowns. And who’s to say that school’s basketball coach won’t try to get him on the team?

Who knows, Peoples-Jones might be so good that he brings back the fade route in college football despite outcries against it.

Wait, that happens anyway.