Dr. J Can Still Dunk A Basketball At 63 Years Old

This past weekend Michael Jordan was in the news because he dunked the basketball a couple times at his Flight School basketball camp. This was relevant because MJ has been alive for half a century. The 63-year-old Dr. J” Julius Irving has something he’d like to show you.

Here’s Dr. J dunking a basketball at the ripe age of 63.

The always smooth Doctor is only a few years away from full social security benefits yet he can still get up with a regulation ball in one of those huge hands and throw it down. MJ is still a young man compared to Irving, so we consider the Doctor’s dunk a lot more impressive.

Video has surfaced of MJ dunking it after blowing by some of his Flight School campers, via HoopMixTape’s IG. So now you can judge MJ’s dunks for yourself.

Keep in mind that the age difference between 50 and 63 is a whole lot more substantial a gulf that you’d imagine. So you better be giving a lot of props to the Doctor if you were blown away by MJ’s dunk.

Which old man dunk is more impressive?

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