Draft Lottery Hopeful Myles Turner On Why He’s ‘Not A Big Analytics Guy,’ And More

04.29.15 4 years ago
Myles Turner

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When one is as tall as Myles Turner, few things are out of reach — both literally and figuratively. Yet the slender 6’11 NBA draft prospect is well-grounded despite having realistic aspirations to reach the stars. On the one hand, he’s still a kid who likes playing Call of Duty, playing with his dog and spending time with his family. On the other hand, he’s a young adult getting ready for the grind of his chosen profession, a job that might seem him next to LaMarcus Aldridge or Anthony Davis.

He’s honest, maybe even to a fault — giving insightful reviews on his strengths and weaknesses, the latter of which includes declining skills in NBA 2K. He’s as wide open as the state of Texas he holds dear, but understanding and welcoming of the changes that are about to come his way in both location and lifestyle.

On a warm sunny afternoon after a workout at his former high school, Turner spent some time talking with us about his freshman season, preparing for the next level and his travels as a young man.

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