Drake Couldn’t Help But Joke About His Curse After The Raptors Advanced To The Second Round

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If you’re a sports fan above everything else, the circumstances under which you know a lot about Drake paint him in a pretty terrible light. That’s because Drake is at the center of a horrific curse. Sure, it’s silly to blame a celebrity who just wears gear for teams he likes for, say, Clemson throttling Alabama in the College Football Playoff championship game, but there’s a recurring trend that makes it extremely easy to get these jokes off. Take, for instance, this tweet.

Pretty good! Drake deserves some credit, though, because he takes all of this in stride. The latest example came on Tuesday night after the Toronto Raptors blew out the Orlando Magic to earn a berth in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Drake is from the 6 and is a fixture courtside at Raptors games, especially during the playoffs.

While he was leaving Scotiabank Arena following Game 5, Drake briefly addressed the media. Kudos to him, because this is, objectively, very funny.

The good news for Drake, beyond the fact that the Raptors are moving on, is that they should be favored to beat the Philadelphia 76ers in their second round matchup, and that’s before we get to the fact that Kawhi Leonard has never lost to the Sixers in his career (even though a chunk of those were against less-than-stellar squads during The Process). Perhaps the curse will catch up to Toronto sometime later in the playoffs, and perhaps Philly will indeed knock them off in the second round, but for now, Drake has good reason to laugh.