Draymond Green Is DeMarcus Cousins’ New Pool Guy

Getty Image

You know the saying: A friend will help you move. A best friend will help you … clean the scum off the surface of your pool? That’s what was going on, anyway, in a recent video DeMarcus Cousins shared online featuring Warriors teammate Draymond Green in the role of pool guy for the day.

Naturally, this brings up a lot of questions. For instance, why didn’t Cousins just hire a regular pool maintenance crew? This could be a simple matter of him having only recently relocated to the Bay Area and not getting around to hire anyone yet. However, given that the temperature in Oakland at the moment is hovering around the high 60s, it isn’t exactly ideal swimming weather.

Maybe Dray lost some sort of bet. Who knows. None of that is terribly important. What’s important is just how amusing it is to watch Green struggle to affix the skim bag to the pole, then just give up and have to bend awkwardly around the edge of the pool to scoop out debris with the head of the skimmer.

Props to Boogie for providing hilarious commentary along the way. If nothing else, it proves that the new Warriors teammates are well on their way to establishing chemistry, which could be crucial given their fiery personalities. Cousins likely won’t return to the lineup for Golden State until after the start of 2019, and given his lengthy recovery process, he might do well to enlist the rest of his teammates to come over and do simply chores around the house in the meantime.