Draymond Green Was ‘Pissed Off’ Because D’Angelo Russell Didn’t Want To Fight The Bucks

03.18.17 1 year ago

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The Lakers and Bucks found themselves in a bit of a brouhaha on Friday night after Malcolm Brogdon fouled Nick Young, which Young took exception to and shoved Brogdon in the back. Greg Monroe then shoved Young by the neck, escalating it into a full blown NBA fight (you know, one where there’s some shoving and yelling but no one actually fights).

Among those tossed from the game were Young, Monroe and D’Angelo Russell, who was accused of escalating the situation by pushing Monroe in the back after he threw Young. Russell didn’t do much else after that push and just sort of stood at the periphery of the rest of the fracas. Lakers coach Luke Walton stood up for Russell, and questioned why he got ejected when he had one push of Monroe and said if Russell hadn’t pushed Monroe after what happened to Young, he “would’ve been pissed off at D’Angelo.”

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