Draymond Green Explained Why Drake Is The George Costanza Of Fashion

06.29.17 10 months ago 4 Comments

Getty Image / For TNT

Draymond Green made quite the entrance at the NBA Awards when he showed up in a tuxedo jacket and tuxedo shorts, which many people did not know was a thing, but Draymond opened our eyes to the wonders of formal shorts. Green took home Defensive Player of the Year honors on Monday night, but his shorts were the real star of the show.

As someone who hates wearing pants in the summer time, I fully understand the appeal of tuxedo shorts. However, not everyone was so understanding of Draymond’s fashion choices. Green was roasted by Twitter for his tux shorts and NBA Awards host Drake also chimed in with some cracks at Draymond’s attire.

Green wasn’t upset that Drake made fun of his outfit, and was, if anything, happy that Drake wasn’t on board with his fashion choices. As Green explained on Wednesday night, Drake is pretty much the George Costanza of fashion. Every opinion he has about clothes, you want to do the opposite of.

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