Draymond Green Paid Off An Ohio State-Michigan State Bet To Evan Turner Mid-Press Conference

02.15.18 5 months ago

Getty Image

Draymond Green is a big believer in paying off your debts in a timely manner.

We recently saw the Warriors’ center call out Nick Young on Instagram asking for payment of a $2,000 Super Bowl bet after Swaggy P took the Patriots. While Young tried to play dumb briefly, he eventually gave in while grumbling about the “stupid ass Patriots,” admitting that he had indeed lost the bet. The video cuts off, but one can assume Young paid up.

On Wednesday, the tables were turned on Green as he found himself being reminded of a bet owed on camera by Portland forward Evan Turner. Green was gently reminded by Turner during his media availability in the hallway in Portland that he owed him $100 for a standing Michigan State-Ohio State basketball bet and that the sizable blowout may have warranted and even higher payout. Green happily obliged after double checking that Turner didn’t still owe him from football season, and paid him on the spot.

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