Draymond Green’s Latest Fine Ran His Total Up To $149,000 For The Season

02.08.18 11 months ago

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Draymond Green has been fined. That’s a lede that is easily repeatable — and often correct, considering how often it happens. Given the recurring nature of his infractions, the numbers certainly have added up this season.

Green’s latest fine was for cursing at an official after a technical foul, which led to his ejection on Tuesday night. On Thursday, Green was fined a whopping $50,000 for “directing inappropriate language toward an official.”

Green has suggested that every official should be fired this season, so perhaps there isn’t much more he can really say to an official that’s more personally offensive than that. But in the immortal words of that Vine that splices in a clip from Storage Wars, you gotta watch your profanity, man.

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