Draymond Green Explained Why The Warriors Are ‘Great For The NBA’

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07.13.17 2 Comments

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You’ll never believe this, but a member of the Golden State Warriors does not think his team is bad for basketball. In an interview with BBC, Draymond Green was asked about the concept of the Warriors being boring. This was something that came up a little during the 2016-17 season, but it was never a massive talking point or anything.

But still, if Golden State is going to win close to (or more than) 70 games a year and march to a championship every summer, then yes, that would make the league less entertaining. In Green’s eyes, though, the success of the Warriors is good for the league.

“I think we are exciting and it is exciting to play,” Green said. “What it is doing is forcing the other teams to get better and that is great for the NBA.”

Green’s argument is a bit off base, if only because it implies that it’s easy to build a team that has an ownership group willing to spend any amount of money to build a roster around four of the 25-best basketball players alive. However, Green is right in that every team that wants to win a ring has to keep in the back of their minds that their path to a championship will probably include a run-in with the Warriors.

Oh, and Green also doesn’t think the current version of the Warriors have reached their potential, mentioning that “You have not seen the best of this team yet.” He didn’t elaborate on how this can happen, but seeing as how they lost 15 regular season and one postseason game, I suppose there is room for improvement in the win/loss column.

(Via BBC)

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