Draymond Green Is Loud, Brash, And Impossible To Ignore

06.12.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

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In a world where everything is online and players are judged by some combination of their box scores, advanced statistics, and occasional play on the court, the role of emotional catalyst goes under the radar as often as LeBron James makes the NBA Finals. All the analytics are great, but many would still argue that teams need personalities to mesh well, seamlessly fit, and get along to really meet their full potential.

Standing at 6’7, the virtually position-less man formerly of Michigan State, Draymond Green, has arguably been the Warriors most critical cog in their incredible wheel. He doesn’t have a signature move, but more like a number of moves which has you second-guessing yourself as an opponent. His work-ethic, coupled with an emotional, fiery temperament give him qualities that few players carry on the court. It’s what makes him great most the time and a wildcard at other times capable of exploding at a moment’s notice.

Either way, he’s impossible to ignore.

Singularly, he may not be a top-25 player based on his statistics, lack of true scoring ability, and offensive prowess. But, with the Warriors, he may be the most important part of their team. His knack for seeing plays before they happen, lateral quickness and movement on defense, and ability to guard virtually any position allow the Warriors to play more freely which creates a microcosm of other positive direct and indirect effects.

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