Draymond Green Got Hit In The Face By A Basketball After This Huge Sixers Alley-Oop

Associate Editor

Draymond Green is a very good defensive player (in fact, he may be the best defensive player in the league) who rarely looks silly on that side of the ball. But on Monday, Green got clowned by an unlikely player: Sixers center Richaun Holmes.

Well, Green didn’t get clowned by Holmes as much as he got clowned on a play where Holmes finished an alley-oop. Holmes set a screen on Steph Curry, which gave Sergio Rodriguez a path into the lane. Green decided to try and stop Rodriguez from getting a layup, which freed up Holmes and led to Rodriguez throwing a lob.

To Holmes’ credit, this is a pretty sweet dunk – he climbed the ladder and grabbed the pass from Rodriguez with one hand, only to finish with authority. But the best part came after the dunk, when the ball went through the rim and bounced right off of Green’s face.

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