Draymond Green Got Revenge By Putting JaVale McGee’s Face On Toilet Paper

03.20.17 1 year ago

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The Golden State Warriors have had quite the eventful season so far. They signed Kevin Durant to create a super-team this offseason, got off to a sluggish start, eventually became the juggernaut we expected, JaVale McGee got into a huge beef with Shaq, Draymond Green started a podcast and says some wild stuff, Durant got hurt and Steph Curry became bad at shooting a basketball for like two weeks then fixed himself.

Throughout all of this drama, the Warriors still manage to find time to have fun, often times at each other’s expense. For example, earlier this year McGee bought the entire team blankets with Green’s sleeping face on them and handed them out to everyone (including Draymond) on the plane. They were a big hit with the guys, and Green vowed to get his revenge on McGee.

That was a couple months ago, but Green never forgets and recently got his revenge. Since McGee put Green’s face on a blanket, Green took it upon himself to one up JaVale, and throw McGee’s face onto rolls of toilet paper and put them in the bathroom at the Warriors facility (we know this because multiple Warriors players have posted pictures of the Javale toilet paper to SnapChat).


This ought to even the score between Green and McGee, but the prank war between these two may just be getting started.

(h/t Ball Don’t Lie)

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