Draymond Green’s ‘Mood’ Instagram Post Reignites His Petty Rivalry With LeBron James

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When LeBron James did whatever the Instagram version of Vague-Booking is called on Monday night with his Arthur post, the internet went wild trying to interpret his meaning.

Was he angry about Kyrie Irving’s red-hot play in the Celtics’ win over the Hawks and their nine-game win-streak and/or was he suddenly bemoaning the Irving trade altogether? Was it a veiled threat to his teammates and their uninspired play of late and/or the Cavs’ organization as a whole? Was it something else entirely?

The answer, of course, is all of the above. That’s the beauty of a passive-aggressive LeBron James post. It contains multitudes. And in the spirit of pettiness that’s come to define this generation of NBA players, Draymond Green reminded us that one passive-aggressive shot deserves another.


After three straight Finals showdowns, these two obviously have a history, and Green has never hesitated to take both figurative and literal shots at LeBron over the years. Never was this more on full display than during his epic rant at the Warriors’ championship parade last spring.

Never one to let a slight fall on deaf ears, LeBron followed up on Dray’s post on Tuesday by becoming one of his many followers on Instagram.

What better way to show that you are taking the high road than a very public display of taking said high road? Since this likely isn’t over by a long shot, we’ll keep our eyes glued to the social media battlefield to find out who fires the next volley.