Draymond Green Unloaded On Paul Pierce Mid-Game For Going On A ‘Farewell Tour’

Draymond Green will talk trash to just about anyone on the planet and, on Thursday evening, the NBA world found out that Paul Pierce was definitely not the exception to the rule. In fact, it took Green less than 60 seconds of game time to tee off on Pierce.

Amusingly, Pierce wasn’t even in the game at the time, with Green lobbing a verbal grenade in his direction as Blake Griffin stepped to the free throw line for the Los Angeles Clippers. Green can be heard saying that Pierce is “chasing that farewell tour,” which was quickly followed up with the assertion that fans “don’t love (him) like that” before doubling down on the same statement again. Additionally, Green compared Pierce’s farewell tour to the one Kobe Bryant went on last year, saying “you thought you was Kobe.”

This is, of course, some vile trash talk and the fact that Pierce wasn’t even involved in the game at the time is kind of jarring. In the same breath, Green’s entire persona is based on being unafraid to go after anyone and everyone and a future Hall of Fame player that happens to be sitting on the bench for a rival team is a perfect target in that regard. Draymond Green cares not for politeness and Paul Pierce is simply his latest victim.