Draymond Green Admitted ‘I’m Petty’ When Asked About His T-Shirt Trolling The Cavs

The Warriors held their championship parade on Thursday to celebrate their second title in three years, and after the Cavaliers poked fun at Golden State last year — namely with LeBron James’ “Ultimate Warriors” shirt — you knew the Warriors would have some fun at the Cavs expense in their celebration.

Naturally, it was Draymond Green that came out trolling the Cavaliers with his T-shirt that simply said “Quickie” and the Larry O’Brien trophy with the Q in the style of the Quicken Loans logo (the title sponsor of the Cavs’ arena). It was a beautiful bit of pettiness from Green, who basked in the glow of his second championship victory.

Green didn’t deny his pettiness either. When interviewed by NBC Sports Bay Area’s Rosalyn Gold-Onwude after the parade, she asked him about his shirt, and Green explained in very simple terms that it was exactly what people assumed it was.

“Well, the Q, that’s what those guys’ arena is called,” Draymond said, matter of factly. “We got ’em outta here quick with the trophy. Quickie! I was responsible for the idea. Nick was responsible for the production. We actually got it made in Cleveland, how about that?”

He also admitted that “I’m petty” when told that holding onto the grudge since the Cavs’ parade was petty in a hysterical moment.

“I can’t forget the Ultimate Warrior shirt last year from LeBron,” Draymond said. “The 3-1 tombstone cookies and all of that. So, I was waiting on this moment. Definitely my guy, you know, that’s family. … I’m petty. I’ve been waiting for awhile, coming up with ideas. I had this crazy idea for a shirt and I waited too long to get somebody to draw it up. It was a bit much though.”

I would love to see what the first idea was if even Draymond admits it was a bit much, but the Quickie shirt is still wonderfully petty and in good fun.