Draymond Green Feels The Short Suspensions For The Rockets-Lakers Fight Represent A ‘Double Standard’

10.22.18 8 months ago

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Brandon Ingram was pleased to find out he was only going to be suspended four games for instigating the fight between the Lakers and Rockets on Saturday night that saw Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul throw punches after Rondo spit on Paul.

Those two received suspensions of three games and two games respectively for throwing hands, while Ingram got the most severe punishment for instigating the incident and returning to throw a punch late. He expressed his regret for starting things (but not for returning to the fracas), while Rondo chose not to talk much about it, insisting it “is what it is.” Still, all three players seem to have gotten off with fairly light punishment, with Ingram admitting he was expecting to miss more than four games.

There were many projecting Ingram to get a much longer suspension, and not everyone around the league is thrilled with the apparent light punishment that came down from the league office. Draymond Green enjoyed watching the fight, unsurprisingly, but noted his frustration with what he feels is a bit of a “double standard” when it comes to how the league hands out suspensions.

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