Draymond Green Played Against The Magic Despite Being Too Sick To Swallow Before The Game

03.08.16 3 years ago

Did Draymond Green look a little off on Monday night? We doubt it was the pressure after Kobe extolled the importance of Green to Golden State’s title-winning chances. And yes, the Dubs got an important win over the Magic, 119-113, after falling to the loser Lakers on Sunday. And yes, the former Michigan State star had 10 dimes, nine rebounds, two steals and three blocks while the Warriors were +19 when he was on the court. But he also had seven turnovers and was just 0-for-3 from the field for one point in almost 35 minutes of action. Thanks to Ramona Shelburne, now we know at least one cause for his iffy showing stems from the strep throat he’s battling.

Dray’s going to be on antibiotics for 14 days as he recovers from the bacterial infection, most commonly referred to as strep throat. But Shelburne also passes on this fun tidbit: Dray’s throat was so achy before the game, he couldn’t swallow and had to submit to a pre-game IV simply to get fluids.

A sore throat and pain with difficulty swallowing is the leading symptom of strep, but Dray was still able to go after Golden State’s embarrassing loss in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Green missed shootaround because of the illness, and there was some debate about rotation changes if he were to miss the actual game. But, like the leader he’s become for this history-chasing Dubs group, he suited up and fought through the infection to help the Dubs out, primarily on the defensive end.

Having Steph certainly helped, too.


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