Draymond Green Admitted To Having Team USA Sing Kevin Durant ‘Happy Birthday’ Despite It Not Being His Birthday

The United States Olympic Team took a moment to celebrate Kevin Durant’s birthday on Friday. While the team was waiting to walk out during the Opening Ceremonies at the Olympic Ceremony in Tokyo, a number of athletes came together to sing “Happy Birthday” to the Brooklyn Nets’ star. The catch: Durant looked like he did not have any fun as folks sang along, presumably because his birthday is not until the end of September.

Durant turns 33 on Sept. 29, and while I am sure he is appreciative of whatever kind sentiments were sent his way here, he also is very visibly not enjoying this, presumably because it’s not his birthday and it’s awkward enough when people sing “Happy Birthday” to you then. As the video shows, JaVale McGee, a former teammate of Durant’s with Golden State, was in on the joke, but a different ex-teammate ended up admitting that they were behind this effort to mess with KD.

Let it be known that if you are friends with Draymond Green and he has the opportunity to have the rest of the United States Olympic Team get a joke off at your expense, he is going to take it. Then again, this is probably not useful advice for anyone other than Kevin Durant and he learned that lesson the hard way already.