Draymond Green Called Tristan Thompson Fight Reports ‘Inaccurate’ But Says Cavs Fans Can Keep The Parade

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The biggest story of this week in the NBA has nothing to do with Carmelo Anthony going to the Rockets, but an alleged altercation between Draymond Green and Tristan Thompson that occurred at an ESPY’s party.

The story, as it was told by The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson and others, was that Green walked up to Thompson to address their weird Finals beef and Thompson was still upset with Green’s comments and punched/shoved/face-mushed Green. LeBron James and Kevin Durant, also at the party, apparently stepped in to calm things down.

Another account of the night, from sources that spoke to ESPN’s Pablo Torre, said Green had more of an antagonistic role in the altercation, constantly chirping at Thompson until the Cavs big man snapped and let his hands go at Green. In any case, it’s a juicy rumor that as of now we have no real confirmation of beyond there clearly being some kind of altercation between the two because there are just too many sources confirming something happened.

Green addressed the situation on his Instagram story on Wednesday, saying that it’s been fun hearing all the stories but that people have been telling an “inaccurate” account of what happened. He also took a shot at Cavs fans who are throwing Thompson a parade, saying they should go ahead and keep it cause they won’t have many opportunities for another with LeBron gone.

What is “inaccurate” in the stories remains to be seen, and which story he’s referring to (maybe all of them), we don’t know. All we know is Green is aware of what people are saying about him and he isn’t mad, he’s actually laughing, but his people are displeased with all the talk about him.