Drew Carey Joined The ‘Inside The NBA’ Crew To Put Charles Barkley Through Another Round Of ‘Who He Play For?’

A whole heck of a lot tends to happen during the NBA offseason, and every year, a ton of things go under the radar as a result. High on that list are the myriad of players who jump from one team to the next that don’t get the major headlines of superstars teaming up or guys signing gigantic contracts.

A handful of those players are at the heart of one of Inside the NBA‘s most well-known segments: Who He Play For? The idea behind the segment is that Charles Barkley doesn’t pay enough attention to role players moving around, oftentimes by signing with a smaller-market team, so he is asked to name what team those guys joined over the offseason.

This year’s edition of the game featured special guest Drew Carey, who joined Ernie Johnson in hosting the game. If you have seen this in years past (or, let’s face it, if you have not seen this in year’s past but understand why this segment exists), you will not be surprised to learn that Chuck did extremely poorly.

The most unfortunate part is the special, Price Is Right-inspired twist on the game that Carey brought up — “you also have to tell us their salaries without going over” — did not make it into this.