This ‘Fight’ In The Drew League Featured A Legendary Flop

We’ve got sad news for basketball nerds who have once again begun looking around for some hoops hydration in the desert of late summer now that the Rio Olympics are finished — the Drew League is also over, having played its championship game on Sunday between Baron Davis’ BB4L and Nick Young’s #JugLife squads.

The game itself was nothing special, as BB4L (with the Detroit Pistons’ Stanley Johnson in uniform) blew out #JugLife (boasting the services of JaVale McGee), but one thing did spice up the festivities: a benches-clearing incident that started with a shove and a flop that is just priceless.

Our Oscar contender is Sek Henry, a former four-year University of Nebraska player who reacts like he got hit with a frying pan in a cartoon. He pauses for a full beat to consider what just happened, before gracefully planting himself on his back. He even holds his arms out like fighters do involuntarily when they’re knocked out cold!

All in all, it’s a great way to avoid the brawl (which was a whole bunch of posturing and no real fighting, of course) by chilling on the court and quietly rolling away as the jocks puff their chest out. Henry’s form is perfect, his (supposed) motives are admirable, but as far as believability, let’s just say he missed the mark.

(H/t SB Nation)