Dwight Howard Did Not Appreciate A Fan In Philly Last Night

11.14.13 6 years ago 2 Comments

During last night’s overtime victory for Philadelphia’s Little Engine That Could, Dwight Howard probably heard some talk from the Philly fans. Unless you’ve never been to a live Philadelphia sporting event, it’s not hard to imagine why Howard was captured flipping the bird to an unknown Sixers fan.

Reddit screen name: jcdalegend, captured this picture of Howard on the bench with a clenched face, flipping the bird to…someone.

As reddit commenters have pointed out, Howard has long been the goofy star. Initially, he was overtly religious when he came into the league, almost preachy. But as the year’s passed, the Christianity waned, and Dwight adopted a convivial personality, almost to the detriment of winning — if you ask Mamba.

It doesn’t look like it here. All the criticism may finally be tearing away at Dwight’s carefully constructed blasé attitude towards the haters. If you scream and criticize someone long enough, eventually you’ll provoke them.

Or this is just one of Howard’s buddies in the stands and he’s goofing with him. We have no idea.


What do you think the of Dwight flipping the bird?

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