Did Dwight Howard Want To Go To The Bucks At The Trade Deadline?

03.01.16 2 years ago 2 Comments
dwight howard


The Houston Rockets’ lost season of 2015-16 has been characterized by the uncertainty surrounding its locker room. The roster as presently constructed may not stand a chance against Golden State or San Antonio, but they’re talented enough to be a damn sight better than they are right now. What was a top-10 defense last year has sunk to fifth-worst in the NBA with a similar roster to a year ago and clearly-talented players struggling to play as a unit.

The whole operation has been listless, which is why GM Daryl Morey reportedly looked to trade Dwight Howard in an attempt to seriously shake things up and try to find a roster that works better alongside the enigmatic James Harden. The closest they reportedly came (before denying everything) was a deal with the Milwaukee Bucks, which fell through because Howard was rumored to refuse to opt in to another year of his contract.

Well, that rumor appears to have gained some real legs, because Bucks announcer Gus Johnson (yes, that Gus Johnson) claimed on air that Dwight confirmed it himself:

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