Dwight Howard has been shooting every night in Orlando’s new gym

09.23.10 8 years ago 58 Comments

Dwight Howard (photo. Mannion)

Every team in the NBA changed their uniforms yesterday. But before you go and start cleaning out the NBA Store for fresh throwbacks, just know it’s more of a performance material change. The League introduced its new unis yesterday in Manhattan, and some of the Dime crew was on-site. Dwight Howard, Brook Lopez, Wilson Chandler and Jordan Farmar were also in the building. Talking about his offseason, Dwight dropped a line that his fantasy owners will love: Howard said he’s been going to the Orlando Magic’s new arena every night to shoot and work out. Is Dwight breaking out a little jumper next season? It’s been said 1 million times, but it’s true every time: If Dwight expands his offensive game beyond catching alley-oops and getting putback dunks with the occasional baby hook, he is going to be more dominant than Will Smith at Bel-Air Prep … It’s weird how players who should be expendable become suddenly untouchable when NBA teams are trying to convince themselves not to take a risk and trade for a star. How many times have we heard Andrew Bynum‘s name attached to a Lakers trade rumor, followed by later reports that L.A. just can’t bring itself to give up Bynum? Why? Pretty sure plenty of 7-footers can give you 12 points and 8 boards and 50 games per year, but if the Lakers realistically had a shot at a Chris Bosh or Kevin Garnett or whoever in recent years, Bynum was suddenly not to be dealt … We’re seeing that with the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors now. Be serious, Chicago: Is Joakim Noah really so good that you wouldn’t give him up to get one of the six best players IN THE WORLD in ‘Melo? New Jersey, you really can’t trade Brook Lopez in order to land a ready-made superstar? It’s just weird. We’re pretty sure if ‘Melo said he wanted to go to Cleveland and would promise to sign an extension there, the Cavs would balk because they really can’t see themselves trading J.J. HicksonJason Richardson is one of those Greg Oden types who looks way older than he is, and apparently he thinks the same when he looks in the mirror. Talking about his upcoming contract year, J-Rich told the Arizona Republic, “I know this is probably my last big chance to get a contract.” Dude is only 29 years old, and last we checked could still pull off 360s and nasty windmill dunks in games (as long as LeBron isn’t around). He sounds like he’s describing an old man … Snipers on the move: Steve Novak is headed to Mavericks training camp, while Jon Scheyer is going to Clippers camp. Who wins in a three-point contest between Scheyer, Eric Gordon and Rasual Butler? … The first NBA team to start training camp will be the Wizards, who are throwing a “Midnight Madness” event on Sept. 28 at 12:01 a.m. Good thing Gilbert Arenas got his legal issues out of the way, otherwise that would be past his curfew. And watch somebody like Andray Blatche still show up late … We’re out like Kevin Kolb

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