The Old Dwight Howard Is Back, And This Alley-Oop Proves It

Well, it certainly looks like the Dwight Howard of old is back.

This was never a certainty. In fact, if anything, the return of the impossibly athletic Howard was very much in doubt. In Los Angeles, Dwight looked like a shell of his former self. He couldn’t hedge and recover as he once did, couldn’t easily spring up and block a shot or slam down an alley-oop, and could barely make it up and down the floor. He’s looked better since he came to Houston, but this season, Howard missed half the year with various injuries. When he was able to play, there were flashes of the “old” Dwight, but his movements still looked labored.

It’s been a different story in the playoffs so far. Dwight once again looks bouncy and athletic on both sides of the ball. He’s back to being a dominant force on defense, and on offense, he’s once more easily jumping for alley-oops that place his head at the rim. Welcome back, Dwight. We missed you.

The Rockets lead the Clippers 50-46 in the first half, and Dwight Howard’s activity on both ends is a main reason for that advantage.

(Houston Rockets)