Dwight Howard Said He’d Beat LeBron James In An MMA Fight, But We’re Not So Sure

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08.23.16 4 Comments

In the mixed martial arts world, dream matchups are made and argued over with as much fervor as a ’96 Bulls fan talking to a 2016 Warriors fan. Who would win — Brock Lesnar or a prime Fedor? How about Chuck Lidell vs. Jon Jones? The hypotheticals will never end, and making creative matchups in the Octagon becomes one of the best parts of MMA fandom. That’s why it’s interesting whenever two athletes size each other up for a fight that will never happen. It’s something that deserves to be over-analyzed.

So when TMZ caught up with Dwight Howard after UFC 196, and asked him the tough questions like who would win in an MMA fight — him or LeBron, it was time to break it down.

“That’s tough. Obviously, I have to go with myself, I can’t say, “LeBron’s gonna knock me out.” I can’t do that.

Dwight was pretty cool about his answer, but that won’t stop us from really diving into this matchup. I’ve long held the belief that an elite athlete like LeBron James could win the UFC heavyweight title if he started training at a relatively early age. We’re talking prime LeBron here, not like 37-year-old CM Punk. So what would really happen if we had LeBron vs. Dwight in a vacuum, and they could fight?

First, let’s break down their tale of the tape.

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LeBron James

—Height: 6-foot-8

—Weight: 250 pounds

—Reach: 84.5-inches

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