This Little Girl Is A Hero For Trying To Fake Out Dwight Howard With A Dab

This is great, but only because Dwight Howard makes it very easy to root against him. In the video, a little girl waits patiently for Dwight to finish signing the hat of a Rockets fan. (We’ll try — we obviously didn’t try very hard because of this parenthetical — and refrain from judging the adult fan wearing a Rockets jersey as he excitedly gets a another, taller grown man to put his signature on a snapback.) While this is going on, the little girl is just hanging out, trying to give her homie Dwight a quick salutation of the high-five variety. But is that her actual aim?


Dwight’s been hoodwinked! The offer of a high-five was just a diabolical bit of chicanery, and the girl was only trying to get her Dab on.

Bless her little heart. She got a little anxious to make her move and didn’t really fake Dwight out and was laughing about the whole thing before the Rockets center even got his hand up. She wasn’t as sly as this fan who got Jose Calderon, but she’s young and she’d rather laugh about the attempted deke of Dwight than actually fake him out.

We love this girl more every time we watch.