Dwyane Wade Will Get Tickets For A Fan Who Went To Cavs-Thunder With the Hopes Of Seeing Him

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Going to an NBA game can be a massive investment if you don’t live close to a team. Between driving or flying to the city where the game is happening, purchasing tickets, finding a place to crash, and all the other various expenses that go into a trip, you would at least hope you get your money’s worth.

For one hoops fan, the worst-case scenario played out when they drove to Oklahoma City to watch the Thunder host Cleveland on Tuesday night. Well, the worst-case scenario played out last week, as Nick Houston bought tickets to the game in November to watch his favorite player suit up for the Cavs, Dwyane Wade.

Of course, Wade was sent to Miami at the trade deadline, but Houston had already made the financial commitment. So he decided to fork out a few more dollars to make a sign that made fun of himself and drive down to Oklahoma City, anyway.

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