Dwyane Wade Changes The Game With Launch Of Mission Court Grip

You’d be surprised how many different basketball brands I come across each month. And while there are many that are bound to be one-hit wonders, there are others that you see a bright future for in an overcrowded market. Mission Court Grip is definitely one of those brands. But don’t just believe me – believe Dwyane Wade.

“My game is all about traction – all about change of direction,” says Wade. “When I step on a dusty court, I feel like I can’t make the moves I want to make. Plus, I’m more at risk for injury. When I put on Mission Court Grip, it gives me the confidence to play my game, regardless of the court’s condition.”

So what’s Wade talking about? After 140 versions and over three years of research and development, the problem of court traction (or rather lack thereof) has been addressed through a proprietary, patent-pending formula that is scientifically engineered to enhance traction and combat the negative effects of dusty, worn-out courts. Not only do those conditions hinder performance, but they also increase the risk of injury.

But Wade isn’t just throwing his name behind the brand to make a buck – he played an integral role in the development of Court Grip by testing dozens of different formulas and application methods during the 2010-2011 regular season and playoffs, before arriving at the final product being unveiled today.

“It’s been amazing to see how fast Court Grip has caught on with other guys in the league, as well as with the college teams,” says Wade. “I’ve never seen a product like this – directly addressing such a major problem for athletes…it’s already changing the game.”

Adds Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim: “Court Grip works better than anything we have tried for court traction. It is a revolutionary product.”

So how does it work? Packaged in an eight-ounce bottle that ballers apply via sponge applicator to the bottom of their sneakers, Court Grip provides instant, sustained traction. It’s that simple. Gone are the days of spitting in your hand and wiping your soles, or dragging your feet across the pads on the baseline. And don’t worry, it’s been approved for play in the NBA, NCAA and high school. Thank us later.

For those looking to get their hands on a bottom, Court Grip is sold exclusively through Foot Locker and Eastbay for $14.99.

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