Dwyane Wade Won’t Let The Jimmy Butler Trade Impact His Ability To Make $24 Million

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06.22.17 3 Comments

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Dwyane Wade is in for a massive payday. The Bulls’ star has a player option on the final year of his contract, one that would pay him around $24 million. It looked like Wade was all set to opt into that final year, largely because that is a ton of money. Don’t take our word for it — Wade straight up said he opted in because that’s a hefty payday.

But something big happened on Thursday night during the 2017 NBA Draft when Chicago traded Jimmy Butler for Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn, and the No. 7 pick, which turned into Arizona big man Lauri Markkanen. In the eyes of many people, Chicago got fleeced, and it looked like Wade didn’t want anything to do with the team for a while.

Because he didn’t formally opt in yet, Wade had the flexibility to back out of the arrangement. Early reports indicated he was going to do just that.

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