Dwyane Wade Went Off In His Final Heat Home Game And The Miami Crowd Loved It

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While Dirk Nowitzki may have played his last home game with the Dallas Mavericks, Dwyane Wade absolutely did for the Miami Heat.

Miami pulled out all the stops for Wade in his last ever home game, with special guests in the house and a slew of videos throughout the night that thanked Wade for his time in Miami and what his career has meant to people in Florida and beyond.

And when the game actually was going on, Wade didn’t disappoint. He scored a fitting 30 points in his final home game, what amounted to a 122-99 blowout win against the playoff-bound Philadelphia 76ers. His first points of the game came on a dunk, a sign of what was to come.

Wade didn’t exactly explode in the first half, but as the Heat lead grew and it became apparent that Wade was going to get some significant run, he started shooting.

Fans certainly wanted to see Wade get the most action he could on Tuesday night.

When Wade re-entered the game in the fourth quarter with Udonis Haslem, the pair of Heat legends drew a rousing ovation from the crowd.

It seemed like every heat check fell for Wade on Tuesday night once the game was out of reach. Fans were going wild, eager for Wade to get every shot he could.

He hit 30 points on the night with a three near the top of the arc.

One of the funniest moments of the night was, as the crowd was nearly delirious with joy, a “Paul Pierce sucks” chant started.

That would, of course, be a response to Pierce’s comments from late last week when he said he would have won more titles if he had Wade’s career instead of his.

Not everything fell for Wade on Tuesday night, though. Here’s a botched attempt to set up a dunk off the glass.

With 1:02 left in a 118-96 game, Wade exited the game and got one final cheer and chants of “MVP” one last time.

After the game, Wade exchanged jerseys with Jimmy Butler, and there was an impromptu team photo at center court with nearly everyone holding a Wade jersey.

During the postgame he actually fell when trying to jump on the scorer’s table to address the crowd at American Airlines Arena, which was a hilarious but sweet capper to the evening.

Wade’s career isn’t done — Miami plays in Brooklyn on Wednesday night — but the home crowd gave him a moment he’ll never forget.