Just Like An Adorable Fanboy, Dwyane Wade Has Rocked Bulls Gear Every Day Since Signing

It’s been 10 full days since Dwyane Wade shockingly left Miami to sign with Chicago, and it still doesn’t feel completely real. The Heat and their fans are still coming to terms with losing Wade and are honoring him in every way possible, but soon it will be time for everyone to move on and accept that once the season starts, D-Wade will be rocking a Chicago Bulls jersey.

He may actually be wearing one a lot sooner than that, though, like every day since he made the choice to come to the Windy City.  When asked when “Dwyane Wade: Chicago Bulls” would sound normal to him, Wade revealed that while he admits it will take some getting used to, he’s actually been sporting Bulls gear ever since signing with Chicago because it’s something he’s used to doing having grown up in the Windy City.

Wade also had a message for Bulls fans everywhere on the team’s official Twitter account, saying: “This is  Dwyane Wade now of the Chicago Bulls. I can’t tell you guys how good that sounds and how good that feels” and remarking that he was excited to play where has always envisioned playing.

There may still be some questions about how Wade fits in with the Jimmy Butler, Rajon Rondo, and the Bulls from a schematic standpoint, but his excitement to play and possibly finish his career in his hometown cannot be denied.

(Via: For The Win)