Dwyane Wade Has Isaiah Thomas’ Back When It Comes To Danny Ainge

10.11.17 8 months ago

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Isaiah Thomas knows what it’s like to be traded, having been through it with Sacramento and Phoenix, but when he was dealt this summer to the Cavaliers by the Celtics in the Kyrie Irving trade, he felt very different than in the past. In a recent profile with Sports Illustrated, Thomas insisted it’s all love between he and Boston, with one major exception.

That would be general manager Danny Ainge, the man responsible for unceremoniously shipping Thomas off this summer to land another star in Irving. Whether Ainge made the Celtics better with the trade or not, sending Thomas out of town after everything the point guard had been through on and off the court over the past year irked many in the NBA, including Thomas.

Thomas said he might not ever speak to Danny Ainge again because of how hurt he was. On Wednesday, after the story ran, Ainge responded by saying he understood Thomas being upset but didn’t think Isaiah understood how much he loved him. The concept of loyalty is a silly one in modern sports, but so often the burden of being loyal falls on the players rather than the teams, which can often hide behind the “business” of sport to explain moves to fans.

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