Dwyane Wade Tells Kelly Ripa That He Lost 5-10 Pounds Stressing About His Free Agency Decision

Dwyane Wade’s talents no longer reside in South Beach. The Heat lifer will don a different red jersey next season after shocking the basketball world by agreeing to terms with Chicago on Wednesday night.

Watching Wade run the Bulls’ offense—with Rajon Rondo, no less—will take some getting used to. No one thought Wade would actually leave Miami, including his family. But relationships can deteriorate quickly in the NBA even after a 13-year stint with one club, as Wade knows full well after the Bulls offered him a $23.5 million salary Miami couldn’t quite match.

The three-time champion went on Kelly Ripa’s morning show the day after the news broke to talk about his free agency decision and his love for Heat Nation.

Wade told Ripa that he lost five to 10 pounds because of his sleepless nights during free agency. Maybe his lighter weight will make Wade a little quicker in Fred Hoiberg’s pace and space system, or maybe Wade will regain the weight on another banana boat excursion. What is known is that Wade is really good at television. He has a bright future in the media once his playing days are over.

Ripa should definitely poach Wade when he retires to co-host her morning show. Chicago is just a short flight to New York.

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