Dwyane Wade Swears He Was Against Getting On The Banana Boat With LeBron And The Crew

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Summer vacations are good ways to cleanse the soul of all the dreck from from whatever one’s job may be. Whether that person’s job is a police officer, school teacher or just the janitor at a school, there’s a summer vacation with your name on it that will clear the stress.

That goes for NBA players too, but being in the spotlight also means a picture can become a meme instantly. That’s what happened when the picture of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Paul all on a banana boat hit the internet a few years ago during their summer vacation. The infamous photo became a meme and even led that crew — including Carmelo Anthony who wasn’t even pictured — to be dubbed the Banana Boat squad.

All three guys (and Wade’s wife Gabrielle Union) appear to be having a pretty good time in the picture, but there’s one man that insists he never wanted to go on that boat. That man’s name is Dwyane Wade, who spoke to Rachel Nichols about the trip and explained that he was peer pressured into getting on the banana boat with the rest.

According to Wade, he knew the banana boat was a bad idea and could become something they’d regret if pictures came out, but caved to the rest of the crew. Wade also states this his bad feeling about the boat was confirmed once the picture leaked on the internet and found himself the butt of jokes from others.

The newly minted Cavalier will have more important things to worry about this upcoming season. The initial worry being if the 14-year veteran has enough in the tank to help his fellow banana boater LeBron James reach the NBA Finals again. Wade will be competing for one of the two starting guard spots in the lineup, and if all goes well there may end up being another banana boat pic. This time with the Larry O’Brien trophy in tow as well.