Dwyane Wade Remembered How He Learned To Become A Leader His Freshman Year At Marquette

03.13.18 9 months ago

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Dwyane Wade’s return to Miami has put him at the forefront of a team fighting for a spot in the NBA playoffs, but the Heat veteran said he learned all he needed to know about leadership before he ever stepped foot on a college court.

Wade was interviewed by ESPN and told a story about how as a freshman at Marquette, then-coach Tom Crean put him on the spot at halftime to help motivate his team after it was struggling.

Questions from Crean were passed to Wade to answer, including one about an old car he had that kept getting broken into. The whole video is great, but at the 3:42 mark he retells a story where Wade had to call out his teammates even though he wasn’t playing at the time.

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