Dwyane Wade Thinks Milk Costs $20, Is Now Apparently Lucille Bluth

05.23.19 1 month ago

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Dwyane Wade’s “Last Dance” in the NBA came to its conclusion in April, and the now-retired future Hall of Famer is having to adjust to life outside of basketball.

Lots of former professional athletes have talked at length about the difficulties of filling the void in one’s day-to-day life after their playing career, both in finding competitive outlets and just lacking the rigid schedule that they’d grown so accustomed to. However, for someone like Wade, there’s apparently much more he’s having to adjust to, like learning how to run errands and do things he hasn’t really had to for the last 16 years.

Gabrielle Union, Wade’s wife, went on the Late Late Show with James Corden this week and describe in hilarious detail how out of place Dwyane is in the real world. She says he loves the car wash and has apparently morphed into Lucille Bluth, thinking milk costs $20 a gallon.

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