Dwyane Wade Was Proud To See Students ‘Take A Stand’ On National Walkout Day

03.14.18 9 months ago

Getty Image

Dwyane Wade is following up his support of students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas with encouragement for the students across the country protesting in favor of gun control reform.

The Miami Heat guard spoke on Wednesday after students around the United States staged walkouts and other protests to bring attention to gun control measures in light of continued gun violence in schools and the inaction of local, state and federal governments to pass legislation meant to limit gun violence.

Wade said that it’s great to see students “take a stand” and try to bring change to the country in the wake of a school shooting that killed 17 people in Florida last month. Wade spoke to reporters on Wednesday and, according to the Miami Sun-Sentinel, he offered high praise for those who walked out in protest.

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