Dwyane Wade Passes A Scoring Milestone; An Indiana All-Star Makes His Season Debut

02.24.13 6 years ago
Without drama, how can you even get excited? That’s how we felt watching the Heat roll over Philly last night, doing it so effortlessly in the second half that not even Andrew Bynum‘s new haircut could get us going. In the Heat’s 114-90 win, the third quarter wasn’t even fair. Miami hit the hosts with a 15-3 run, and had LeBron (16 points, 10 rebounds, 11 assists) and Dwyane Wade (33 points) rolling: making the extra pass, hitting from midrange, the entire offense flowed like water. The Sixers were resorting to doing that “Philly thing” – basically, playing the most boring brand of offensive basketball in the league. Before long, a relatively close game was a 20-point blowout. James — or “Your Excellence” as the Miami announcers starting calling him — officially ended it with two buckets near the end of the third. First, he isolated, spinning and scoring with no dribble from the three-point line. Then the very next play, he went up and caught a fast-break lob from Norris Cole. As Malik Rose said of LeBron: “Since getting that championship, he’s just playing with such ease… like he’s got Isaac Hayes ’70s funk music playing in his head because he’s so cool.” … Wade reached 16,000 career points last night, which is crazy to think about because (not trying to take anything away from him) Kobe has nearly twice that many … Cleveland didn’t even need Kyrie Irving (12 points) to do much in order to destroy the Magic, 118-94. What is going on in Orlando? Like, what is their plan? We’re not sure they have one. Orlando fans are probably yearning for the days of Jeryl Sasser. One of the Magic’s second quarter lineups looked like this: Beno Udrih, Doron Lamb, Kyle O’Quinn, Tobias Harris and DeQuan Jones. It felt like summer league … How much has Beno’s season sucked? He starts off in Milwaukee, which is less fun than a dentist visit. Then, he gets traded to Orlando. We’re not sure it can get any worse … In their two-point upset of Houston, the Wizards did everything wrong to end the game: they gave up a dunk to Omer Asik, John Wall shot an airball, they gave James Harden an easy layup by letting him go left, and finally, they missed two of four free throws in the closing seconds. However, one Bradley Beal rebound off a missed free throw basically secured it for them, and it capped another great night from the rookie: 15 of his 21 points came in the second half, and then he added 13 “I means” in the postgame interview … To start the game, seven of the Rockets’ first nine baskets were triples. Chandler Parsons (24 points) and Harden (27 points) were having no troubles, pushing the Rockets up by as many as 17. Houston’s shooting was so hot that Asik eventually took his shirt off. No really, the dude had a brain fart and thought they were running shirts and skins at one point, going shirtless in a huddle and scaring off a half dozen women and children sitting courtside … Did you catch Andrew Wiggins flushing a defender down his proverbial toilet? Disgusting dunk. The way he jump-stops and then elevates immediately after that is ruthless, like a Super Mario mega jump … Keep reading to hear which All-Star Indiana got back into their lineup…

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