Dwyane Wade Shot Back At Kyrie Irving’s Criticism Of Cleveland Sports

10.13.17 4 months ago

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Kyrie Irving made a lot of enemies in Cleveland on Wednesday night when he told Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer that, among other things, he was enjoying Boston because it feels like a “real, live sports city.” If Boston is a real, live sports city, the logic went, what does that make Cleveland?

Does it sound more inflammatory than Irving intended? Probably. But the Kyrie Irving trade saga struck a chord with both fanbases to the point where every comment, every tweet, and every Instagram like is looked at under a microscope.

Ultimately, Irving should have known better. It’s 2017, and with social media the way that it is, he had to know that those comments were going to blow up in his face. Fast-forward to Friday afternoon, when ESPN’s Dave McMenamin caught up with Ty Lue and Dwyane Wade to get their take on Kyrie Irving’s comments.

Lue didn’t seem all that interested in engaging in a back-and-forth with Irving over Cleveland vs. Boston, but like just about everyone, he wasn’t sure what Irving was trying to accomplish.

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